Massage & Reiki by Denise

About the Practitioner

Denise Miller

Licensed Massage Therapist

Karuna Reiki Master and Teacher

Accredited T'ai Chi Chih Teacher

Young Living Essential Oil Distributor #720022


I attended New York Institute of Massage in 2001, took the NYS Boards in 2002 and have been working as a massage therapist ever since.

In 1977, I was in a car accident that resulted in neck pain for me for years.  Finally, I was referred to a Chiropractor that suggested I have a Massage Therapist work on my neck along with him. Three visits with both professionals and I was out of pain.  The Chiropractor explained that the muscles were still in trauma from the accident.  Once relaxed, the spasms stopped. It was then I decided to go back to school!  

My practice has taken me on quite a journey with many wonderful clients.  I started teaching Reiki in 2010 after practicing Reiki myself for 3 years.  It has changed my life into a more peaceful, content way of thinking and living.  After I took Reiki l & ll, I noticed that I was getting better at not letting every day trials bother me and that I didn't want to be present in any negative situation or  negative people.  My life is still growing into a more positive, joyful and peaceful state.  

I am very grateful to have been able to learn massage and reiki.  Each time a client gets off the table with a smile on their face and a look of relief, I am grateful that I could help another feel better.  I try to create a "safe" space for my clients so they can set aside life's trials for a while, re-group their thoughts and feelings and be renewed.

My new adventure is teaching T'ai Chi Chih.  I was accredited to teach in May 2012.  As you can see on the Class Page, I have Beginner classes and Advanced Classes.  

The Beginner classes introduce the movements to you and by the end of the session, you are able to do them yourself.  With continued practice, they will bring you many benefits.  

The Advanced class focuses on parts of the movements allowing you to strengthen your practice.  The continued practice also lets you experience the wonderful group energy.

I am be able to teach children, adults, seniors, and people that must sit while doing the movements. 

The Young Living Essential Oils I use are very pure oils.  My clients choose which they would like that day.  The Raindrop Technique that I do uses many different oils that have antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory properties. 

Personally I use the Thieves oil every day, and the other oils I choose which I use for the purpose I need. 

"Like" me on Facebook for information on the current classes.  Many other teachers have been having classes here too.  I have arranged Meditation, Spiritual Astrology, Changing Darkness to Light, Drumming, Pilates, Yoga and more!

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