Massage & Reiki by Denise

Now That I Have Reiki, What Do I Do With It?

Reiki the vehicle you are getting into to keep everyone safe.  Give thanks.

Reiki your clothes, jewelry, shoes in the morning.  Give thanks.

Reiki your food and drink at every meal.  Give thanks.

Fill your home, work space, any space with Reiki - fill it with love and light.

As you hug someone or shake their hand, think to yourself about sending them Reiki.  Think of a symbol's name or picture it in your head.

Send love and light to other drivers, people walking or riding bikes.

Send love and light to the spirit of the dead animal you see along the road.

Send love and gratitude to an animal, flower, tree that you are blessed to see, smell and enjoy.  Send energy to a tree and thank it for the oxygen it is sending you.

Reiki important phone calls, send Reiki to places you have to go, a get well card you are mailing, send Reiki to a hospital, an ill friend, the person on the other end of the phone or email.

Reiki bank deposits, the money you have, the people that you get your money from.  Give thanks.

Ask Reiki love and light to go to a situation anywhere in the world.

Send love and light to schools.

Ask Reiki love and light to fill you and continuously express through you.

Ask Reiki to heal your soul, let the love and light shine through your spirit and heal your body.

Ask that Reiki be with you always, that you may be of service to others.

Send Reiki's healing love and light to all your loved ones and pets.


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