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T'ai Chi Chih

T'ai Chi Chih

Joy thru Movement

T'ai Chi Chih cultivates health, serenity and longevity.

This new form, of the ancient Chinese T'ai Chi, was originated by Justin Stone.  T'ai Chi Chih is particularly well adapted to our fast paced and stress filled lives.  With only 19 Movements and 1 Pose, that are enjoyable to do, it can be done by anyone regardless of age or physical ability.  T'ai Chi Chih can also be done while sitting! The movements are done softly, like swimming through thick air, activating, circulating and balancing your Chi.

We have a tendency to separate our mind, body, and emotions. But the true demonstration of spiritual growth is integrating these three elements and then bringing them to bear in a situation.  

Through T'ai Chi Chih we gain the balance that allows us to see clearly, to act with integrity, and renew physical and mental energy. Clarity allows us to experience the essential beauty of life.

People who do T'ai Chi Chih regularly say that it:

*Relaxes and Relieves Stress

*Improves Balance and Flexibility

*Have more Energy and Stamina

*Brings Joy into your life

*Relieves Back Pain and Stiffness 

*Increases Mental Clarity and Concentration

*Strengthens Bones 

*Benefits Arthritic Joints

*Improves Circulation and Immune System

*Relieves Headaches

What is Chi?  Energy, your energy that flows through every cell and organ in your body.

One of the benefits I received with regular practice was relief of pain and restriction in my shoulder!

T'ai Chi Chih has many levels to it.  When you begin your first classes, you will learn what the movements are, their names, and how to move.  As you practice, you will begin to feel the benefits.

Your next step is to focus on the T'an Tien as you do the movements and focus on the soles of your feet, "the bubbling springs".  These two focuses bring added benefits to your practice.  You may have less swelling, clearer mind, less joint pain.  Some of my students have been refered to my classes by their medical doctors.

As your practice continues, it will become meditative, a moving meditation  (some find this more beneficial than trying to sit still).  Your energy will be moving rhythmically and balanced, you are comfortable with the movements so they flow easily, and your mind is peaceful.

This style of T'ai Chi is based on QiGong which is a healing practice, not a martial art.  Once learned, you can do the entire practice or only half (to fit your schedule) and still receive health benefits! 

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