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Teachers' Background

This page will be updated as classes and teachers change.  I focus on bringing you well qualified teachers so you feel confident in their instruction.

*Donna Fairlie, Yoga Instructor ~ "I completed a nine month course at the Himalayan Institute and became a 200-hour RYT in 2014. I believe that everyone is in need of more gentleness and kindness in their lives. Therefore, I teach a gentle, compassionate style of yoga with an emphasis on helping others see the unique and beautiful person they are."

*Carla Baran, NESTA Certified Instructor of Pilates and teaching since 2004.  Her students love her class - she instructs each movement to insure that you are doing it correctly.  Because she instructs each movement, all levels can join.  Her class is open to beginners as well as those that have been practicing.

*Allan Jamieson II ~ Growing up, Allan had an interest in plants, healing and nature. He spent most of his time out in nature and with the elderly. In 1999 Allan was accepted into the Community Health Worker Training Program. This program was through Anishnawebe Health Toronto and George Brown College. Here he learned health promotion, advocacy and counseling skills. Allan was able to study with traditional Native Healers and Professors. After graduating from the two year program he became a youth worker in downtown Toronto. After many years, the thought of learning a holistic healing method became more appealing to him and his mentor advised him to learn the art of Acupuncture.

Allan shared a Medicine Wheel Prayer Tie Ceremony at the Center and gave me his blessing to continue sharing this with others.  He said to me, "The world needs them."

*Ellen Bourn ~ As a young adult, Ellen began to deepened her own understanding of the undeniable connection between the body, mind & spirit.  "I believe that my purpose in this lifetime is to plant the seeds of knowledge and Diving Light in as many people as I can possibly reach.  When you plant a seed of insight, of understanding, of possibility, it's natural instinct is to grow."...Ellen Bourn  Ellen is co-founder of Light of Truth Church.  

 *John Naughton is an Intuitive Healer.  He has been on a quest for years trying to unlock the mysteries and symbols in the book of Revelations.  After many years of reading Revelations and the parable of the New Testament, he realized there was a phrase that he should pay more attention to..."He who has an ear listen."  

So he embarked on a journey to learn a new skill.  The ability to listen to spirit when spoken to, to develop his psyche, to interpret dreams.  As a result, John received many words and images that he has put into book form for us, "Revelations, Your role in God's plan to replace darkness with light".

 *John Mosher, Ph.D. said he started taking steps to progress, grow and awaken to greater awareness of the truth and in service to his fellow beings in 1973 when he learned Transcendental Meditation while working full-time as a college professor.  

His studies continued: Chinese Acupressure, Ordained Calvary Grace Church of Faith, Wisdom of the Seneca Shaman,  Sweat Lodge and teachings of Apache, Ishynrhe Karate, Order of Melchizedek, T'ai Chi Yang style, Kalachakra teachings, Vibrational Therapy, and more.

John has held meditation classes and performed Seed Mantra ceremonies here at the Center.  John and his wife, Connie, taught a Beginners' Guide to Ayurveda.  They have been living this life style for over 40 years and love sharing what they've learned with us.

*Denise Miller, LMT ~ and of course there is me.

I have been teaching Reiki l, ll, and A.R.T., and Master for 5 years.  I love finding ways to use it in my life, filling my life with the joy of Reiki and letting my Light shine out to all I come in contact with.  It is a way of putting love in your life. I have adult and children classes.

Please contact me to enjoy a Reiki Healing session. Depending on what is going on in your life, that is what Reiki will address.  We have accumulated layers of emotions and we need to peel them back to make us whole again, full of joy, and have a positive focus in our life!

And T'ai Chi Chih!  I have taught many how to do this beautifully healing. It consists of 20 movements easy enough for all to learn no matter what age or physical ability. This modality focuses on balancing your Yin and Yang, your energy flow, allowing you and your body to be balanced physically, emotionally, and spiritually for your highest good.

I am an Accredited T'ai Chi Chih Teacher ~ that means I studied for two years with two teachers and then went for a week with a Teacher Trainer who qualified me to teach.

Young Living Essential Oils ~ I have been using Young Living Essential Oils for about 13 years.  Throughout the year, I teach Introductory classes, Emotional Release classes, and Raindrop Therapy classes.  All the information in the classes is to help you see alternative methods to staying healthy.  After you learn about the oils, enjoy using them on you and your family.  Young Living also has many products.  A few that I use - Essentialzyme for digestion, Sulfurzyme for inflammation, the Hand and Body Lotion, and the Thieves Hand Sanitizer.  All their products have their essential oils in them so your body can absorb all their goodness.

My hope is to open doors, open minds, open hearts to a healthier, more joyful, peaceful, loving way of living our every day lives. 

Find what makes you comfortable, decide how you want to grow in this lifetime, and jump in.  The water's refreshing!

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