Massage & Reiki by Denise


"It has taken me a while to be able to sit down and write this thank you.  I cannot begin to express my feelings for all that you have done for me. I truly believe that my progress is directly related to the Reiki that you performed"... Bruce

"I look forward to my Massage Therapy sessions by Denise.  After my grandson's 4th open heart surgery in Chicago, I came back with my shoulders almost frozen from the stress and tension I experienced.  There was almost no movement in my shoulders and I was in great pain.  After I explained my problem to Denise, she concentrated her efforts on those areas and after each massage therapy treatment I was showing great improvement in the mobility of my shoulders and the pain has gone away.  She also has been able to improve the discomfort in my back so that I was able to take the orthotics out of my shoes. I look forward to my scheduled massage therapy and refuse to give up the one thing I do for myself.  After a treatment, Denise has me able and ready to go out and face the world feeling strong and pain free"... Mary Lynn

"When I began going to Denise for massages, she asked me if I would like her to include Reiki with my massage.  Not knowing what Reiki was she explained that it is a channeled life force energy that may help me to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually.  At that time, I was ending a difficult relationship and so I decided to try Reiki.  During the treatment, I felt Reiki work directly on all of my negative thoughts and feelings.  Afterwards, I felt calm, peaceful, relaxed and replenished.  Physically my body felt lighter and I wanted to learn more.  Since then, I have completed Reiki l & ll and with much practice I am now ready for the continuation of becoming a Reiki Master which thrills me.  Being a Reiki healer has changed my life in so many ways.  In our busy world, having the knowledge of this beautiful Japanese technique has been an enlightenment for me.  I now close my eyes, take a deep breath and feel its' energy flow through me, surround me and heal me as well as others that I send it to"... Sue

"The day Denise introduced me to peppermint Essential Oil I was amazed.  It quickly cleared my sinuses giving me an instant sense of well being.  Having asthma all my life, any relief in breathing is a blessing.  This was 5 years ago.  Before that I was regularly hospitalized.  A new chapter in my life opened when I began studying the properties and benefits of the Young Living essential oils.  Using these oils is my way of taking preventative steps to preserve my health.  Staying healthy is the key and these oils have no side affects like the asthma medicine I had been taking.  Along with regular massages, I have a Raindrop treatment done twice a year which uses essential oils.  They are applied to my feet and back then a warm towel is placed on my back to enhance the oils.  It's a wonderful experience - talk about heaven, it's pretty close.  One other service that Denise provides is Ear Candling.  Twice a year I have excess wax removed and this opens my sinuses, relieves itching and I have minimal sinus infections now.  Thank you Denise, you're my guardian angel"... Jean


Hi Denise,

So happy I bought the Young Living "Thieves" essential oil from you. I was preparing for a trip to Africa for 2 1/2 weeks. I had received the required vaccinations and had begun my malaria medication a couple of days before departure. After talking to you about the benefits of "Thieves" I decided to purchase some and bring it with me to Africa. A little extra protection seemed like a good idea. Everyday I applied one drop of the oil on each foot and massaged it in. It really smelled great! I also gave my sister in law a drop for her foot each day! I carried on with my day knowing I had a little added protection knowing that Thieves enhances the immune system. People I was traveling with started experiencing intestinal issues. My sister in law and I had no diarrhea and vomiting. We remained healthy the entire trip. Thanks again!...Kim

Here are comments from my T'ai Chi Chih students when I asked, "What benefits did you receive from T'ai Chi Chih?"   

"Calm, pain relief."..Janet

"Improved concentration, balance, calmness"...

"Less pain"...Gloria

"Peaceful, energy, spiritual fulfillment"...Sue

"Calming, numbness in toes is better"...Renee


"Don't know yet, but I LOVE THE MOVEMENTS!"

"Since using Thieves, I have found that I am relieved of pain, it has altered my mood to uplifting and well-being, and I feel serenity"...Edyth














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